Communicating Calmness

What was the brief?

Develop a branding and communications strategy to kickstart development of a mindfulness app and website

How did we do it?

Freemind Restless Communications

Tom Fortes Mayer is a Harley Street hypnotherapist and author. His speciality is combining hypnosis techniques and music to bring people greater happiness.

He asked us to develop a branding and communications strategy to underpin development of the Freemind App. We hosted a full-day workshop to identify how the key pillars of his hypnotherapy (Increasing people’s Peace, Power and Purpose) could be translated into a mindfulness app, using especially commissioned music in a way that no other mindfulness app currently does.

We developed the communication themes, and strategy which our office-partners Nuw Creative translated into a strong visual identity, Whitestrand Digital and Gluball turned into an iOS App, and Zambezi Digital built the website for.

What were the results?

The Freemind App is due to go live by Summer 2019.

Unsurprisingly, we’re already big fans, and confident of very big things

Who did it?

The team involved

Chris Reed, Gareth Morgan, Paul Wilkinson, John Hillman, Bridget Adams, Thandi Viljoen