Unifying social objectives

What was the brief?

Define social objectives, KPIs and reporting mechanics to provide a read-across for PR and Marketing teams. Workshop ‘best practice’ in social strategy for the whole team

How did we do it?

Sky Restless Communications

Ever since brands started using social channels, there has been discussion about exactly where it sits in an organisation. Is it a marketing channel? Or more for reputation-management or publicity? And what about customer service?

We were asked by Sky to help develop a series of unified objectives, KPIs and reporting mechanics which could hold their own on marketing, PR, web traffic and customer-service dashboards.

Our model encompassed traditional earned media (i.e media relations), modern earned media (i.e. social, including ownership and management of influencer-relations) as well as paid and owned channels to support programme and product launches.

Following this piece of work we were asked to run a full-day’s workshop for the marketing and comms teams responsible for social content across all of Sky’s channels, to help put our thinking into practice.

What were the results?

A consistently high-performing social strategy across all of Sky’s channels…across all of Sky’s channels.

Who did it?

The team involved

Chris Reed, Gareth Morgan