Boosting traffic and sign-ups

What was the brief?

Create a social advertising strategy to increase web-traffic amongst a targeted audience, and constantly tweak that strategy to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA)

How did we do it?

Youthsight Restless Communications

Youthsight are specialists in providing research insights from young people for big brands. They have over 150,000 active members under 30, but constantly need to recruit teenagers to their panel to keep their insights fresh.

We were asked to audit their social and content strategy, to recommend how they could increase recruitment from social channels.

We created new social assets, and refreshed their social strategy to establish a paid-for mechanic which prompted teenagers to sign up.

Through a process of test-and-learn we finessed the advertising strategy to a point where social has become the most cost-effective channel to reach reach new recruits.

What were the results?

We significantly reduced both costs per acquisition and costs to recruit active panel-members.

Social advertising is now Youthsight’s most cost-effective acquisition method.

Who did it?

The team involved

Chris Reed, Paul Wilkinson, Naomi Isaacs