Julian Borra

Creative Strategy

Julian has spent 30 years in the advertising communications and creative industries working on just about every sector imaginable.

More recently Julian developed a taste for creative strategy, using creative skills once reserved for pointless hair-care, cars and fast food further up the strategic food chain, shaping everything from a company’s purpose to internal activations and outwards.

Having full sight of the strategic and creative supply chain, from the higher order business challenge at one end all the way through to the comms and activation asset outputs at the other creates a rare perspective.

Having extensive experience of ‘Doing’ at every link point in that chain is even rarer.

From the creation of higher order business transformation strategies, defining a company’s Purpose, shaping internal and external activations and engagement around that purpose, to running workshops, shaping CEO keynotes, writing TV and film scripts, visioning live events, mentoring accelerator businesses Julian and his Toolshed team always endeavours to bring something surprising to the table (other than a sense of humour).

We first worked together in 2015, and have been in each other’s pockets ever since.