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September 11th, 10 years on

Every generation has its defining moments.I thought the death of Princess Diana would be mine. But it wasn’t. I first heard that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers during lunch in the BBC canteen. One of my Press Office colleagues received a text. We thought it


Nice little video from @mssocietyuk for #MSWeek

via It’s always hard to get ‘medical’ conditions across easily – especially something like Multiple Sclerosis – so I’m quite a fan of this. Simple and effective. It reminds me a bit of the Numbskulls from the Beano. Which I’m sure (when I used to read them) were no


Spare a moment for Vodafone. Or indeed, 12 hours

We live in an industry where it’s all too easy to criticise our peers. We’ve all got blogs, tweet away to our heart’s content and are opinionated. Normally I refrain, but today I thought I’d get a few thoughts down about how Vodafone handled crisis communications around this morning’s service


The most awesome 450 page animation/presentation ever

There are many ways to show of the abilities of a piece of software. And this is by far the most attractive. And what’s more, I think this says so much about the brands of Microsoft and Google. Could you imagine Microsoft commissioning something like this? I’d love to be


The M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange – 2+2 = 5

What a truly fantastic partnership. Total transparency, and total WIN! for both brands… Get rewarded for donating old M&S stuff to Oxfam. Marvellous. And tomorrow it’s extended to M&S shops. Get down there! For the consumer: Get a £5 M&S voucher for recycling (we used to call it donating) your

>>> challenge: if America were still British

Lovely collection from Their challenge: Since Great Britain and the US separated in 1776, the Americans have very much gone their own way, inventing both canned cheese and obesity. But what if America were still British? Show us, using Photoshop devilry… There’s 24 in the full deck. Worth a