Banners Hotel: site build, content and social

Build a new website and deliver a new content and social strategy for a boutique hotel just outside Edinburgh. Produce a content and social strategy for a London restaurant
Banners Hotel: site build, content and social
Banners Hotel
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We were asked to re-build the website for Banner’s House Hotel, a boutique former coaching inn just outside Edinburgh – back when it used to be run by the Banner’s Restaurant team.

And to refresh the content and social strategy for the hotel and for Banner’s Restaurant too.

Banner’s Restaurant is one of our favourite London institutions. Opened in 1992 to showcase world food and world music, it’s a popular haunt for north-Londoners including the Restless team and Bob Dylan. But not at the same time. Not yet anyway.

Working with site-build specialists Zambezi Digital, we delivered a photography-led site and social strategy which showcased the character of the hotel and the surrounding area.

And for the restaurant we combined multiple unofficial social media pages and put together editorial plans based on key messages we had workshopped with the team.

The Hotel’s website refresh was partly to attract new guests, but also partly to attract new owners.

And It worked.

The results

Banner’s House Hotel was sold to new owners in 2018. It is now completely independent from Banner’s Restaurant.

Banner’s restaurant continues to get hundreds of ‘likes’ across all its social channels.

Nothing to do with us – but it also serves the best jerk chicken in North London too.

Written by
Chris Reed
I set up Restless Communications in 2011 to create strategic and integrated campaigns for brands I believe in. Away from work I shout at Arsenal, listen to loud music, and walk my dog.
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