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Effective communications used to be easy.

Back when newspapers genuinely shaped the mood of the nation. And a handful of TV channels guaranteed peak-time audiences for big budget ads.

But that was a lifetime ago.

Great communicators still rely on the same skills they always did – knowing how to tell stories that will spur a target audience into action.

Or knowing how to defend an organisation’s well-earned reputation.

But now we also have to game the algorithms.

We need to create communications strategies which work across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

And we need to track the effectiveness of everything we do. In real-time.

Which is exactly what we do.

Our recent experience spans corporate reputation management through to training civil society organisations.

We are based in London and Amsterdam.

And we have clients in Vienna, Vilnius and Torino.

Our 'networked' model means we don't have massive overheads, but we do can draw on a global talent pool.

And our senior team has experience from crisis management for one of the world's biggest brands, through to editing a national newspaper, and developing the strategy for a multi-award-winning paid-for social campaign.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you. Even if what you want isn't listed below.

We're refreshingly honest. If we're not the best fit for what you want we'll tell you. But we'll also put you in touch with a couple people who probaly can.

How can we help you?

Communications strategy

We develop and implement communications strategies which solve business challenges.

By defining success metrics before we start. And then delivering.

We use a few diffeernt models to help us when it comes to communications strategy planning, and we always choose the right strategy for the task at hand. But whichever model we choose, we always begin with the same few questions

Who is the target audience?
What do we want them to do, say, think or feel differently?
What does success look like?

Crisis communications

We help organisations maintain their reputation in good times and in bad.

The most effective crisis communications strategy is prevention. The second most effective is delivering a fast, authentic and honourable response.

We have 20 years experience of crisis communications for organisations including the BBC, Nintendo, and Eurostar.

We now offer a bespoke blend of training, consultancy and hands-on support. We have delivered crisis communications training and support all round the world. For some of the world's biggest brands, who are also our longest-serving clients.

Content creation and social media

We create content which resonates with your audiences across paid, earned, shared and owned channels. And then we place it. And can train your team to do the same thing too.

From producing short films and podcasts for clients like Virgin , through to building and delivering advertising campaigns on TikTok or Instagram, we combine award-winning experience with great creative to deliver the results our clients want.

Our training and experience as journalists and PRs means that when it comes to content strategy and creation we know what works.

Publicity, promotion and PR

We help you reach the right people at the right time - with the right message, with the right mix of publicity, promotion and PR.

As publicists, PRs and editors we know how to create narratives which will interest your key audiences, helping you to generate reach, engagement and traffic.

Whether it's a targeted B2B campaign to prompt action from niche buyers of a particular product, or brandbuilding in the Sunday Times you're looking for, we can help place your story exactly where it needs to be.


We run bespoke training courses and presentations for small in-person groups and for corporate keynotes.

Our courses include media relations training, crisis communications training, writing for digital training. We also provide social media strategy training, and social media crisis communications courses.

We also coach teams in how to use new tools to communicate more effectively. From how to brief AI tools to help you write better, through to how to create simple social animations.

Who do we work with?

Our clients

We work with people we like. From startups, to global teams.

From multinationals to friends with dreams.

We're not sector specific, but recently we have done a lot of work for EU and Government agencies, global luxury hotel chains, pressure groups, local small businesses, UK Government campaigns and blockchain startups.

In the past we've worked with everyone from BT and the BBC, through to Heathrow, the NHS and Virgin.

We are extremely lucky.

We get to choose the clients and the projects we want to work on.

So we get to work with some extremely impressive client teams.

And some incredibly fun people.

One of the benefits of being a smaller agency is that we often work as an extension of in-house teams.

Strong relationships count for a lot.

Who are we?

A network of experts

Restless Communications was set up by Chris Reed in 2011 following a career in corporate and consumer comms, including setting up and running the social team for a top 10 UK PR agency.

Our senior team has unrivalled expertise delivering multichannel communications strategies – from editing (and then overseeing digital strategy for) a national newspaper group, to strategy, creative and film direction for household-name global brands.

We don’t have big teams sat around waiting for the phone to ring.

Or glamorous expensive offices.

But we do have a fantastic network of associates who we partner with.

And between us we deliver excellent work.

Check out the full team here.

Or join us.

We are always on the look out for experienced freelancers and associates - from brand strategists and behavioural psychologists, through to community managers and media relations experts.

You can check out our current vacancies on our jobs page. But we also welcome CVs on spec too.

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