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Influencing is an art form
Publicity, promotion and PR
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There’s a lot of Emperor’s New Clothes in communications. And in public relations in particular.

In fact, there always has been. Fly-by-night agencies promise the earth, but fail to deliver.

Whether it’s access to editors, cabinet ministers or Instagram influencers.

And that access suddenly becomes extremely expensive.

Or morally dubious.

Or both.

That’s not how we work. We are truly agnostic about which communications channels to use for our clients. And totally transparent in how we operate.

We coach our clients on the difference between 'influence' and 'influencers'.

So, even though it’s deeply unfashionable to say so, media relations still remains an incredibly important part of any public relations or communications strategy.

Media relations taught us from an early age to pitch stories effectively. To think about what assets a journalist needs to make a story work.

For their editor. And their audience.

Generating publicity also taught us how to effectively judge influence.

Follower numbers mean nothing.

When you’ve been in the business of measuring what people think, say or do differently as a result of a communications campaign for as long as we have, the Emperor’s New Clothes get easier to spot with each day.

Which is why we still value great coverage in traditional media that we can tell drives traffic to our clients’ sites.

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