EBA: Interactive infographic design

Promote the EBA to the general public. Make complex information clear and accessible. Boost trust and transparency.
EBA, European Banking Authority, headquarters, La Défense, Paris
The headquarters of the European Banking Authority in La Défense, Paris
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The EBA monitors the regulation of the European finance sector to help protect savers, investors and consumers.

The EBA's supervision is well respected in the industry and its benefits are felt by everyone in the EU.

Now the EBA wanted to present its achievements to the general public. It wanted to reach outside the banking bubble.

So, we helped develop a visual-led narrative for a scrolling infographic. We distilled a complex, 116-page report into a dynamic, four-minute read that would appeal to the widest possible audience.

This allowed the EBA to clearly explain the positive impact it has on everything from the rise of cryptocurrencies to the Covid pandemic response. We used data visualisation and plain language throughout.

Our aim was to develop a coherent story that could be shared in bite-sized chunks on social media, without trivialising the important content. This would help improve trust, transparency and accountability for EBA's work.

The EBA, European Banking Authority, scrolling infographic, dynamic report
The mobile-friendly infographic was written for clarity and accessibility

The results

The mobile-friendly dynamic report was easily embedded on the EBA’s website. In less than four minutes, readers were able to get a clear overview of the EBA’s work.

By using language readable by a 12-year-old, we were able to clearly explain complex processes to a broad audience.

Our scrolling infographic was translated into each of the 23 EU languages to be shared across all of EBA’s social media channels.

The EBA at a glance: key achievements in 2020 and future priorities - European Banking Authority
Check out the mobile-friendly dynamic annual report on the EBA's website.
The team
🧐 Strategy: Chris Reed
✍️ Content Creation: Gareth Morgan
🎨 Creative Direction: Paul Wilkinson
Written by
Gareth Morgan
Journalist, editor and ex-rocket scientist. With 20 years in media leadership roles, Gareth spearheaded the shift to digital. Now, he helps organisations create content and comms strategies that work.
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