The M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange – 2+2 = 5

The M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange – 2+2 = 5
In: What we think, Communications strategy, Community management

What a truly fantastic partnership. Total transparency, and total WIN! for both brands…

Get rewarded for donating old M&S stuff to Oxfam. Marvellous. And tomorrow it’s extended to M&S shops. Get down there!

For the consumer: Get a £5 M&S voucher for recycling (we used to call it donating) your old M&S clothes at Oxfam

For Oxfam: Get lots of new donations (including some quality M&S stuff), maybe from people who have never donated before. Sell it to raise lots of ££.

For M&S: Demonstrate you’re serious about Plan A. Show that recycling works. Support Oxfam. And attract a few more people in-store via a discount voucher.

Anyone know who came up with this? It’s a cracking example of the best sort of CSR. One that shows tangible benefits to the brand, the charity and the punter. Genius. And the video – complete with Adam Buxton’s voiceover is pretty good too.

Written by
Chris Reed
I set up Restless Communications in 2011 to create strategic and integrated campaigns for brands I believe in. Away from work I shout at Arsenal, listen to loud music, and walk my dog.
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