FRA: Conference and event communications

Create and implement a brand and communications strategy for high-level live and hybrid conferences
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FRA hosts the international Fundamental Rights Forum every two years in Vienna
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The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights is Europe's centre of excellence for promoting and protecting human rights.

Every couple of years the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) brings together a broad community of MEPs and Commissioners, alongside activists and academics to discuss how to maintain and improve Human Rights in Europe.

We have worked with FRA to develop and implement a communciations strategy for both the 2018 and the 2021 Fundamental Rights Forum.

2018 Fundamental Rights Forum

We were tasked with developing and implementing a communications strategy to ensure 600+ delegates at the 2018 Fundamental Rights Forum had the best possible experience.

And to ensure that the issues raised at the Forum were noticed, shared and discussed by people hundreds of miles away. People who would never consider themselves part of the Brussels policymaking bubble.

Three people at the 2018 Fundamental Rights Forum, wearing EU Flags

We developed a twin-track approach focusing on owned and earned channels

Create strong visual branding and content across all print, video and digital channels to signpost specific areas of interest for delegates
Identify and then work with genuine Human Rights influencers so they shared their experiences to motivate a broader community

We worked with the FRA’s in-house team to deliver that multichannel communications strategy. This included a tailored campaign for before, during and after the three day event including:

  • Identifying the six key 'themes' for the event
  • Producing and implementing the visual identity for the event
  • Creating idents, trailers and on-the-day films
  • Identifying news-lines from within speeches and sessions
  • Supporting the Chair to write a closing statement
  • Interviewing influential delegates to provide 'long-tail' content to use after the Fundamental Rights Forum.
  • Identifying and working with creatives who could take the messaging from the event to new audiences

The results

2021 Fundamental Rights Forum

Following the success of the communications strategy for the 2018 Fundamental Rights Forum, we were invited by FRA to lead on communications for the 2021 Fundamental Rights Forum.

Like most events in 2021, this became a hybrid event. And much bigger as a result.

As well as delivering a refreshed brand alongside topical human rights themes, our strategy for 2021 helped to recruit:

  • 500+  talented speakers from across Europe to deliver
  • 140 online sessions for more than
  • 3,000 online participants.

We were also asked to produce and deliver one of the keynote speeches for Europe's most prestigous Human Rights Event.

We interviewed Holocaust Survivor and human rights campaigner Eva Schloss at her home, so she could deliver her story of hope to the Fundamental Rights Forum

And we again supported FRA's communications team to deliver real-time news lines for their content and social media strategy, interviews with participants and the Chair's statement.

The results

The team
🧐 Strategy: Chris Reed
✍️ Content Creation: Gareth Morgan
🎨 Creative Direction: Paul Wilkinson
💻 Research and content: Tyce Griffiths
Written by
Gareth Morgan
Journalist, editor and ex-rocket scientist. With 20 years in media leadership roles, Gareth spearheaded the shift to digital. Now, he helps organisations create content and comms strategies that work.
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